About the Photographer

Shooting beach volleyball tournament at Amager

Shooting beach volleyball tournament at Amager

I am a photographer who likes both taking pictures and also spend time on the post processing afterwards. I use this site for presenting some of my best shots and edits.

I mainly use my Micro Four Third (m43) chip based Panasonic Lumix G3 camera and a variety of lenses to play with. Most of my portfolio have been taken with that equipment. I travel a lot and to me it’s important that my camera is easy to carry around without to much hassle that’s why I prefer the good combination of a compact system camera and lenses with the reasonably high image quality of the m43 chip.

Also some of the photos are from the time with my Canon Powershot G9 camera that I really enjoyed using and pushed to the limits. I carry all my stuff in a Think Tank Retrospective 5 (Pinestone) that doesn’t scream out loud about expensive camera equipment.

Most of the time I shoot raw and develop the images using Silkypix Developer Studio. For post processing I mainly use the GIMP and for the more exotic operations I use Photomatrix Essentials for HDR and Hugin for stitching panorama views.





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